What does this scholarship mean to you?

SOME OF Our 2019 Scholarship recipients SHARE…

BDL-2019-Madelin C- Graduation.jpg

 “I want to sincerely thank you for selecting me as the 2019 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient.  I am honored to represent Brian and his memory.  I promise to continue working hard and to uphold the values Brian believed in.  Thank you again for believing in me and my future.”

-Madelin Corrao, 2019 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient



Keller 2019- Justin Gomez.jpeg

“This scholarship shows that there are people in the community who care about the growth and improvement of others”

Justin Gomez, 2019 Len Keller Scholarship of Honor


Hess 2019- Madison B Wommack.jpg

“After receiving this scholarship, I know that every morning I need to represent this scholarship with kindness, compassion, and love for those around me as both Ken Hess and those who surrounded him would have done. I feel a pull to be the best version of myself in honor of this scholarship. I hope to be a better person each day because of this.”

Madison Wommack, 2019 Ken Hess Scholarship of Honor



Journey 2019- seth ventimiglia .jpeg

“This scholarship offers me the opportunity to not only obtain a college education, but to obtain a deeper understanding of myself and others.  These new ‘lenses’ I acquire at UW-Platteville will enable me to see beyond my own perspective and offer others an opportunity to grow.  This scholarship allows me to pursue my dreams and continue my journey towards success.” 

Seth Ventimiglia, “The Journey is the Reward” Scholarship, Oconto High School


Bosveld-2019-Katrina Pokorny.jpeg

“Receiving the Rachel Bosveld Scholarship of Honor is extremely humbling.  The scholarship will help me pursue a degree in public health to help underserved and underprivileged individuals.  My hope and goal is to selflessly serve others through public health, as Rachel did serving our country.” 

Katrina Pokorny, 2019 Rachel Bosveld Scholarship of Honor recipient

Cathey 2019 Kendall Knuf .jpg

“Thank you again for your generosity and support.  I promise to work very hard and strive to be the best student I can be and eventually become a nurse, so I can give back to the community by providing medical care for those in need.”

Kendall Knuf, 2019 James Cathey Scholarship of Honor recipient

Above and Beyond 2019- Seth Brooks .jpeg

“Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of the Above and Beyond Scholarship.  I am very excited to read Brian’s book over the summer.  I feel honored to have been chosen for this scholarship and I will make sure to do my best in college.  I greatly appreciate the scholarship out what it will do to help me in school”

Seth J Brooks, 2019 Above and Beyond Scholarship recipient

Nueske- 2019 Chloe King.jpeg

“This scholarship will greatly help me pay for college.  It showed me how all of my hard work has paid off.  I am proud to be part of a community that supports our school and students.”

Chloe King, 2019 Nueske Family Scholarship, pictured here with Nathan Nueske on awards night





 “This scholarship means a lot to me because of my financial situation.  Living with a single mother and an older sister is challenging because money is very low.  This scholarship will be very beneficial to me.  This will help me with payments for college and my books and things that I would not have without this scholarship.”

Jessica Hacker, 2019 Ken Kubsch Scholarship recipient

Vicki 2019-  Meghan Sanders.PNG

“Getting this scholarship means I am one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming an elementary teacher.  I have had this dream since I was 6 years old and now with the help of this scholarship, it is finally able to become a reality.”

Meghan Sanders, 2019 Victoria Robbins-Parmentier Scholarship


Dietz Austin  2019 Katiya Davila.png

 “The Danny Dietz Memorial Scholarship means a tremendous a lot to me because I am honored with such an award for Danny who fought a battle that was not like any other. This scholarship is a goal to me. A goal to fight a battle such as school or any life problems like Danny did. Danny is a hero, a fighter, brave, an inspiration, strong and many other characteristics.

Throughout my journey in life I want to gain every trait Danny has. This scholarship allowed me to love life even more and made me realize to live each day like it’s your last because we never know. Thank you for honoring me with such an impactful scholarship”

 Kaitlyn Davila, 2019 Danny Dietz Scholarship, Austin High School