Where are they now?

Since the Foundation started in 1992, it has awarded over 834 scholarships.  See what some of our recipients are up to now!


Sarah Ames MacFarland

Sarah received the Brian LaViolette Scholarship in 1996 from DePere High School.  She was the first woman recipient and has done a lot in the last 20 years.  Find out more about her story here: 



When we met Ben Fischl at the age of 18, we knew he had a great compassion for others and life in general.  We have watched him grow even more passionate and more determined to make a difference.  

We think you will feel and see what we mean here... 



Margaret knew aerospace was for her when she was teaching in Somalia in East Africa.  She found herself volunteering at the area's airport and returned to the U.S. with a dream of receiving her private pilots license.  She has achieved that and more with a career at Virgin Galactic and now Airbus.  We think you will enjoy hearing more from her...


austin rios

From DePere, Wisconsin to Rome, Italy, Austin Rios received the Brian's Scholarship in 1995.  He shares how Brian and the Foundation have impacted him and his Journey of becoming the only Episcopal priest in Rome.


Tomáš Hataj

"Brian's story is probably the biggest inspiration in my life"--Tomáš Hataj, 2016 General Patton Scholarship of Honor recipient, Plzen Czech Republic.  Tomáš speaks of the scholarship process and what it means to him to this day. 


renata bruzdziak

Renata Bruzdziak received the International Scholarship of Honor in Poland.  She has graduated from the University of Warsaw.


todd simonis

Todd Simonis received the first scholarship in 1993 through the Brian LaViolette Foundation.  He reflects on Brian and the years that have past over 20 years ago.



Nikitha has accomplished a lot since she received the Brain LaViolette Scholarship in 2011.  She is now attending Medical School at Yale and shares more about her journey.


luke buttke

2013 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient, Luke Buttke is studying at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.   Since the interview he has passed the MCATs and is moving forward with his medical degree.


zach sites

Zach Sites received the Eric McColley Scholarship of Honor at Gettysburg High School in 2007.  He became a paramedic and firefighter. Hear what he as been up to since, including one of his first calls as an EMT.


donglin zhang

Donglin Zhang, 2015 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient, shares more about her Journey


mitch winter

Mitch Winter received the Brian LaViolette Scholarship the past three years to attend St. Norbert College.  He is pursuing a degree to become a Physicians Assistant.