Creating Your Legacy

Planned giving offers you the opportunity to leave a gift of lasting significance to the Brian LaViolette Foundation, while providing tax and other financial benefits to you, your family and your estate.

While a planned gift can offer you tax benefits, it also allows you to support the Brian LaViolette Foundation’s mission without affecting your current financial situation. Estate gifts have immense value to the Foundation because they allow us to address long-term goals and objectives.

Different possibilities include charitable gift annuities, lead trusts, gifts of life insurance or appreciated securities and bequests. You can be an important part of the future for our students in decades to come.

"There is no more dedicated and visionary form of commitment to the future success and growth of the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation than a planned gift and it is so easy to do. I chose to make the Foundation a beneficiary of my life insurance proceeds to ensure the continuation of the annual scholarship I fund at Ashwaubenon High School. Please give consideration to joining others who have named the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation in their estate-planning vehicles, such as trusts and wills." 

Victoria R. Parmentier

Benefits of Planned Gifts

Through planned or deferred giving, it is possible to:

  • Make gifts to the Foundation that you might have previously thought impossible.
  • Maximize your charitable contribution.
  • Receive advantageous tax deductions under both state and federal law.
  • Turn appreciated assets into an income for yourself and/or other family members.
  • Increase your current income by reducing taxes and or avoiding capital gains tax.
  • Pass assets to family at a reduced tax cost.
  • Achieve your goals for the Brian LaViolette Foundation while enhancing your own personal financial plans and security.
  • Make a significant donation to a charity, like the Brian LaViolette Foundation that will help us plan well into the future with an assured confidence.
  • Experience the pride and satisfaction that comes with providing a major gift to a cause you support.

Although selecting a Planned Giving strategy can seem overwhelming. There are many options available, each with their own benefits and restrictions. The following are different types of planned gifts you can make to the Foundation.

Types of Planned Gifts:

  • Bequests and Wills
  • Charitable and Deferred Gift Annuities
  • IRA or other Employee Benefit Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Assets
  • Annual and Special Gifts, Securities and Stocks
  • Real estate and other assets Giving Made Easy