What does this scholarship mean to you?

Our 2016 Scholarship recipients

"I feel blessed beyond compare to have received such a generous gift from you and your family.  Your generosity is a light during dark times, and I truly appreciate eh effort everyone at the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation makes to positively impact the community.  Bellin College is lucky to have such compassionate friends."

Emma Jeschke, Bellin Collge Student Nurse, 2016 recipient






"Although it is true that the scholarship is certainly rewarding financially, I have to say that I am much more honored by the fact that a family such as yours, which has seen so many possible candidates for scholarships, selected me out of the crowd of many. 

I am still in a little bit of shock over it, because yes, like anyone else, it is easy to doubt myself, but knowing that the foundation has faith in me gives me confidence that I can live out Brian's message in my own life, and no monetary value can be placed on that encouragement."

Eric Hess, 2016 Brian LaViolette Scholarship recipient from Bay Port High School

Giunta 2016-Kathie.jpeg




“Thank you for selecting me as the recipient of the Sal Giunta Scholarship of Honor.  It means a lot to my parents and I knowing there are wonderful scholarships around like this one to help me accomplish my dreams and make our community a better place to live.”

Kathie Pham, 2016 Sal Giunta Scholarship of Honor recipient






“Thank you for choosing me as the recipient of the Jerome Hatfield Scholarship.  It was a great and honorable surprise.  Receiving this scholarship will allow me to further my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher while helping with my college expenses.”

 Samantha Davis, 2016 Jerome Hatfield Scholarship of Honor recipient.  It was a special day, as she was presented the honor from Mick Hoeflinger who served with MSgt Hatfield in Iraq.



“I would like to thank you for giving me this award and scholarship; it means so much to me that I was chosen.  This award means many things to me but above them all, it means honor. This award also means legacy to me.  It is not just my legacy that holds, it is the legacy of the people that fought and died for our country even when they knew what lied ahead.  I would just like to thank you again for choosing me for this award an scholarship, it truly means the world to me. 

Michael D Chanda, Thomas Hudner Scholarship of Honor 2016



"This scholarship, in all honesty, is the highlight of my spring semester. I worked hard everyday both physically and academically to follow the inspiration that Joel Gentz has given me. His career and accomplishments are the very foundation of my motivation and goal in life. This scholarship means the world to me."
Ryan Dore, 2016 Joel Gentz Scholarship of Honor recipient at Purdue University. He is pictred here with Col (Ret) Joseph Milligan who is a F-4 pilot and was a POW in the Vietnam War.


"Thank you to the LaViolette family and LTG Foley. I feel honored to be connected to Brian’s prosperous legacy which has encouraged and touched me deeply."

Stephanie “Brooke” Hepfer, 2016 General Foley Scholarship of Recipient at West Point pictured with General Foley

This scholarship means that I have the duty to and the privilege to serve my community one day as a police officer. It is an honor to be able to go to college and fulfill that dream and I hope to honor Brian and Isaiah by way of my service to my country and community."

Alex Guerrero, Isaiah Hunt Scholarship of Honor recipient pictured here with Isaiah's mom, Pam.




“This scholarship allows me to take a step closer to fulfilling my dreams of becoming a nurse. I want to make a difference in families lives and overall in our community. Thank you for this opportunity. “

Mariah Jacobs, 2016 Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor recipient

“This scholarship has built my confidence. Knowing that my efforts in high school have paid off enough to make it into the Air Force Academy and win this scholarship, I am driven to accomplish so much more. As I plan to become a psychologist, I will have to go through many years of schooling. Therefore, the extra money will aid in my schooling and those who awarded me can be sure that it will be put to good use. “

Megan Getlinger, 2016 Ron Sager Scholarship of Honor recipient pictured here with Don Falk of the Fox Valley Veterans, sponsor of this award.


“I am very honored to have won this amazing scholarship. Meeting Eric’s parents was the highlight of receiving this award. They are some of the kindest and gracious people I have ever met.  

I cannot explain the pride and honor I felt being chosen of all the applicants. I I will always keep my medal and the memories dear to me and I will use the money to help further my post-secondary education. “

Andrea Rosa, 2016 Eric McColley Scholarship of Honor recipient


"The generosity to give someone like me a chance to go to a 4 year college to help further my education is incredible. I only hope one day I too will be able to help others in some way.”

Eli School, Ollie and Helen Bogsted Scholarship recipient 2016




"This scholarship means so much to me. Having to pay for my own college education is going to be hard, getting this money will help me out greatly for my future. I am so blessed to have received this. I can’t thank you enough for selecting me as the recipient.”

Brooke Linebaugh, 2016 Shanna and Whitey Ellsworth Scholarship, Belding High School, MI



“This scholarship means that every amount of service, great or small, is treasured and can lead to change in an individual’s life and community for the better. The Ryan Jerabek Scholarship of Honor encourages me to serve every opportunity to arise to use the blessings I have to give back to others.”

Gwendelin Salmon, 2016 Ryan Jerabek Scholarship of Honor recipient


This scholarship allows us to Remember and Honor the service and sacrifice of 1LT Nainoa Hoe.  It also awards the honor of being selected above your peers as having the character and Heart of 1LT Nainoa Hoe.

Ryan Twigg-Smith, 2016  Nainoa Hoe Scholarship of Honor recipient

Ryan is a Junior at the University of Hawaii, at Manoa who is studying Geology with an emphasis in Environmental Earth Science. He is also an active member of the Army's ROTC Warrior Battalion, as an MS III cadet under the U.S. Army's Cadet Command.