A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

In 2017, we celebrated the 25th year as a Foundation.  It was hard to know what to say... were we celebrating this milestone since it is because of Brian's death that we created the foundation? 

The Brian LaViolette Foundation has grown over the last 26+ years and I feel one of the many blessings during this time is the number of people who have remained in our lives since the beginning of the Foundation's 'Journey'.  

As part of our 25th year as a Foundation, we are excited to feature different individuals. They have been involved with the Foundation in some way, whether he or she was as scholarship recipient, sponsor, school counselor or family we work with, each has a unique story. 

Hear from others!

We hope you enjoy hearing from these 25 special individuals... we are thankful they are willing to share their story with you

Our 25 Year Journey..  Thank you for making 8.8.17 a success and memorable evening.

August 8th was the day Brian was lost in a swimming accident 25 years ago.  We hosted an event that day which was heartwarming and a beautiful.


Learn more about Brian and the Foundation that bears his name here.